Gozo, Tour Bus & Blue Lagoon

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Similar as the Gozo&Blue Lgoon trip, but with a massive difference! Instead of going sightseeing on your own arrangement, allow us as professionals to take you on an organized tour throughout Gozo. We promise you, you’ll love it
Experience Gozo without wasting a minute. Our colleagues from Gozo will wait for you on the port. As you step on Gozo, you’ll be invited to board the coaches and off we go. Victoria and the Citadel is the first stop. Take some photos. Don’t forget the market in Gozo. Fridge magnets, and all other souvenirs can be purchased there. Continuing towards Azure Window, or rather what’s left from it. “Game of Tron’s”, Count of Monte Cristo, and many other movies were filmed on Gozo. Continuing our trip to Ta Pinu Basilica after Gozo’s Azure Window and continuing out boat trip towards island of Comino. So as we mentioned before, we are going to Blue Lagoon. Malta’s Blue Lagoon is one of the most famous. Have a swim there, jump from the boat, snorkel around and inside the caves. And for anything you need or want, ask the crew. They and all of us are here for YOU! Have a beer…but not too much
You are on a holiday, so relax and let us serve you as queens and kings, but more than that, as our friends.
Enjoy your holiday
CHECK IN: 10:00 am


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